arrival + flat hunting


We made it!  We hopped across the pond on an overnight flight last Tuesday and arrived in London last Wednesday morning.  We are currently staying in temporary accommodations in the Notting Hill neighborhood provided by Dan’s company.  It is such a charming area.

We spent ALL day Thursday and Friday flat hunting with a letting agent.  Oh boy was it exhausting!  We’ve currently seen over 30 flats!  Everything is so tiny here!  We have been searching for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat in the Earls Court/South Kensington/Chelsea neighborhoods.  It was very difficult picking a neighborhood as I had never been to London before.  But as soon as we walked these streets – I was hooked!  Each street has its own character and charm.  I was surprised with how quiet it is around here.  Off of the high streets it is very residential.

You’d think – wow 30 flats…how in the world did we have a hard time picking one?  Well each one is COMPLETELY different!  No two flats were the same.  And as of today – we put an offer in on a flat!  *Fingers crossed* that the landlord accepts our offer!  (then I’ll share photos!)

We were able to spend Saturday and Sunday being tourists!  Hyde Park and Kensington Palace are just minutes outside of our doorstep so we took advantage of the beautiful 29 degree C day.  We rented bikes and biked all the way down to Buckingham Palace where we were able to see the changing of the guards (what a big spectacle!).

We LOVE the vibes here!  Everyone has been very friendly.  Although the fast pace of life will take some getting used to, I think once we have a place to call our own we will feel much more at home.  Oh – and the TUBE!  It’s so easy!  I was terrified of it at first as I’ve never had to rely on public transportation – but it’s SO clean and efficient!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers during this transition time.  It’s still going to take some getting used to, but we’re doing it! And we’re doing it together!


We had to take a picture 🙂


Evening stroll along the Thames


Big Ben at night


The London Eye


Dinner + Exploring at Imperial Wharf


Climbing the gates to watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace!


Buckingham Palace

One thought on “arrival + flat hunting

  1. Mara says:

    You two look so happy!! I am so excited for you, we will come visit! We love and miss you already. Be safe and soak it all in! (But make sure to come back eventually) PS you are stunning in your photos of dinner and evening strolls. ❤ The Russells


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