Last of Summer in London

What everyone told us to expect for London in terms of weather was rain…rain allll the time and clouds.  Well these last two weekends have been nothing close to that – they’ve been perfect.  Sunny, blue skies with the most perfect 18-20 degree temperatures (I’m still trying to figure out this Celsius thing!)

Now 2 weekends ago, Dan and I were pretty exhausted as I had just completed my first week at my new job (yay!) and Dan had put some long hours in at his.

We started off the weekend on Friday by walking around my favourite area of London, Covent Garden and seeing the musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the theatre.  Covent Garden has some of the best restaurants, art and architecture in London.  Every time we go, it’s always different.  I love it.   And the show – wow was it great! The theatre was small, beautiful and oh so ornate!  And the show was phenomenal!  I LOVE the movies, so I was so excited to see the musical version.  We were so impressed!  We’re so excited for many more musicals and plays in London.  There are so many beautiful little theatres here – and most of them have really great deals on shows.

On Saturday, we decided we wanted to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.  For a busy as London is, it is surprising how easy it is to find a nice quiet spot.  There are TONS of beautiful parks scattered throughout the city.  We’ve grown quite fond of them.  The park we settled on for the morning was a gorgeous little park right next to Westminster on the river.  We grabbed our eBooks and spent a few hours laying in the sun catching up on our reads.  For lunch, we grabbed some sushi and headed back to our spot in the park 🙂  For the afternoon, we decided to grab a water taxi (awesome mode of transportation!) and see some tourist sites along the river.

This past weekend was also just as beautiful.  We stayed in Friday night, as I was still recovering from my first rugby experience Thursday night.  I was able to go with some co-workers and clients to a Rugby World Cup game.  It was AMAZING, but totally exhausting!  I’m excited to learn a new sport!

Saturday we headed over to Borough Market – I had heard that it was a beautiful/fun market, but didn’t really have too many expectations.  As soon as we arrived – I was in HEAVEN.  It was a foodies’ dream.  GORGEOUS market with the most amazing food stalls.  It was bustling with lots of people, but it was so clean and easy to get around.  I could easily go back every Saturday and find something different to try every time.

Rainy or sunny:   cheers to London and all it’s beauty!  We’re truly loving it here and it’s starting to feel like home.  We really are savouring these last few days of warmth and sunshine, but are excited to see what all London has to offer in all seasons.

Next weekend is Dan’s birthday – and we’re off to ROME!!!


2 thoughts on “Last of Summer in London

    • kirstenrglaser says:

      We’re so excited! And yes – let’s skype soon and we’ll set something up! So happy for you and Brad with your new home! (Also – we thought about Brad a lot when we were in Brussels HAHA)


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