Dan’s Birthday Adventure – ROME!

Happy Birthday Dan!  This past weekend we went to ROME!  We were both able to take Monday off to enjoy a long weekend.  Rome was breathtaking – unlike anything I’d ever seen before.  And the weather was PERFECT the whole time – 75 and sunny!

I will warn you now – there are a lot of pictures for this post 🙂

We started our trip just wandering around the city.  Unfortunately, our flight was delayed and the train into the city was delayed, so we had to shift our original plans.  It ended up being perfect though, as we were able to walk almost the whole city and really get a good feel of everything.

Here are a few things we did on our first day:

We started our second day off with the COLOSSEUM!  Words can’t describe how amazing it is.  It’s spectacular.  It’s huge.  It was the highlight of our trip 🙂

After the Colosseum, we checked out the Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill:

After an amazing lunch, we went over to the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument and the Castel Sant’ Angelo:

We ended our day with a nice romantic dinner celebrating Dan’s birthday.  We had the most amazing pasta and of course, more great wine.  The restaurant was adorable.  After dinner we walked around the city (it’s so beautiful at night!) and ended the evening with some Tiramisu and Lemoncello.

For our third and final day in Rome, we headed to the Vatican.  There we started in the Piazza di San Pietro where we waited in a longgg que to get into St. Peter’s Basilica.  It was 100% worth the long wait.  The interior is out of this world.  You can easily see how it is the world’s largest church.  After St. Peter’s, we walked over to the Vatican Museums.  This was HUGE.  20 times larger than I expected.  You could easily get lost in there with all of the hallways 🙂  But each hallway was so beautiful and different, and after all the winding around – we ended up in the Sistine Chapel.  It’s really cool because the whole place is buzzing and loud, then you walk into almost silence.  Everyone is in awe from it’s beauty.  And at the centre of it all  – in the ceiling is Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.  Absolutely breathtaking.  (no photo’s are allowed in there!)

Overall – I think Dan had a good birthday weekend 🙂  We were able to see and do everything on our list but didn’t feel too rushed or overwhelmed.  We think that 3 days was the perfect amount of time.  The only thing we wish we had more of was:  pizza, pasta, wine and gelato 🙂  But then again, I always feel like that!  Now back to the real world…who knows where our next adventure will take us!? Suggestions!?

2 thoughts on “Dan’s Birthday Adventure – ROME!

  1. Elizabeth Brunk says:

    How fun!!! I love keeping up with all your adventures! Other cool places to check out would be mt st Michelle (I don’t think I spelled it correctly) and the Christmas festival in Heidelberg, also don’t think I spelled that correctly either. Hope you guys are having a blast and keep the posts coming!

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