London Catch-up – Almost 8 weeks in London!

It’s been a busy week for us – so I’ve been a bit behind on posting.  Sorry! But here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to over the past 2 weeks!

Since moving here, we’ve been doing really well with not “missing American things”.  London is very similar, so we can find almost anything we’re looking for.  But one thing we haven’t been able to find – is a good NY style bagel!  They like to bake their bagel’s here (and spell them BEIGEL).  Baked “beigel’s” aren’t even close to a yummy NY bagel with a slightly crunchy exterior with a soft chewy interior.  I expressed my disappointment with my coworkers, and I was directed to a beigel shop in an area called, Brick Lane.  I was told that they are the best beigels around!

So we went!  There are actually two beigel shops right next door to each other, Beigel Bake Beigel Shop.  As some of you may know, I’m a huge YELP! nerd, and I post reviews to the community quite frequently.  Neither were up to my standard of a good bagel, but they definately came close!  Here are my reviews of the two shops:

Beigel Shop:  My review is based on the salt beef sandwich on a sesame beigel. The beigels were good – but certainly no NY bagel!  Slightly chewy, but missing that nice crusty outside.  The beef was ok, a little dry and it lacked good salty flavour.  Generous portions of the beef, mustard and pickles.  For the price – totally worth it.  But for flavour – go to beigel bake next door.

Beigel Bake:  Love that when you pop in you can see the family working in the back making the beigels.  A lot of love goes into these beigels!  Review based on salt beef sandwich on a plain beigel:  The sandwich was fantastic.  The salt beef was super juicy and flavourful and perfectly paired with the spicy mustard and pickles.  The beigel was a lot better than the Beigel Shop next door, but just not perfect.  As an American, I have a high expectation of “bagels” and the UK just doesn’t know how to do them quite right.  But these are definitely as close as you’ll get 🙂

After our beigel/bagel adventure, we wandered around the Brick Lane area and ended up at Spitalfields Market.  What a lovely surprise!  London Cocktail Week was in full swing!  The whole area was filled with the cutest little cocktail bar stands with fun cocktails and swag.  We did a few laps of the venue and enjoyed some samples and a cocktail of our own.

Saturday evening we were able to meet up with some of Dan’s colleagues and their wives.  It was nice to connect with some American’s going through the same adventure we are on.

Sunday was another beautiful day in London.  Fall is gorgeous here – but definitely not as pretty as Michigan 🙂  It was nice having the sun shine and a crisp breeze in the air.  We decided to take the train down to an area called Richmond and go for a long run in Richmond Park.

Richmond was a lovely town.  It has so much charm.  I loved the river and all of the parks.  It was nice to see cows and deer and so much greenery!  After our run, we popped into a pub for a nice Sunday roast.

This week has been another busy week at work.  I was able to go on my first business trip to Frankfurt to meet some clients.  It was a long day, as I flew out at 7 am and was home by 7 pm!  Although it was short – I loved it.  I can’t wait to experience more and hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time in the cities I visit.

Also – the most exciting thing!  Our dear friend Kent is in town for work so we were able to meet up with him for dinner and drinks.  We miss our family and friends so much! It was SO nice to see a close friend in our new city!


I can’t believe it’s already time for the weekend again – time is flying by!  We’re so excited for the Michigan/Michigan State game!  GO BLUE!


2 thoughts on “London Catch-up – Almost 8 weeks in London!

  1. Gina Georgopoulos says:

    Still loving your blog. I appreciate that you continue to post your adventure. I certainly am learning from you about the nice cities, eateries and tourist spots. I will defiantly review your blog before I visit. Thanks again.


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