“Haunted Adventure” + Cambridge Adventure

Fall is here – and I love it!  It’s so beautiful!  The air is perfectly crisp and the trees are turning gorgeous shades of yellow, orange and red.  We are taking full advantage of the mild temperature and are spending as much time as possible outdoors.

We kicked the weekend off with a “Haunted London” walking tour…I’ll sum it up shortly…it was awful!  Our tour guide was very, very poor and the stories were so pathetic.  Most of the time, there was no point to her stories and they didn’t really link to the sites we were seeing.  The best parts were walking to and from different “haunted places” of London we’ve never seen before.  The tour was supposed to take about two hours, but we left after an hour 😉

Saturday – well, I wanted to post an awesome post about Saturday – but Dan and I are still pretty upset about the football game, and our whole day revolved around it.  But in short, I spent all day preparing for our “American Football Evening”.  I made chilli, brownies, my famous chex mix and some dips! I even made some yummy apple cider Moscow Mules!  We had 3 couples over to enjoy the snacks and watch the big game….and I’ll leave it at that 😦

Sunday was another beautiful fall day, so we decided to hop on the train and go explore around Cambridge.  It was a nice hour train ride through the countryside.  Cambridge was beautiful!  Such a quaint little city with so much charm.  It felt like a mix between a Bavarian village and an Old English town.  We started off with a lovely lunch at the Pint Shop (5 Stars on Yelp!).  It was wonderful!  We each had a pint and sat at the bar and tried everything on their bar menu – except the Scotch egg because they just sold the last one!  We had fries with curry sauce (yum), steak pie (yum), garlic toast with salted beef drippings (double yum) and salted beef frites (triple/quadruple yum).  Seriously, the beef frites were outstanding – why doesn’t every pub offer these!?  *yes, after eating all of this we thought we were going to have a heart attack!  But we’ve been running a lot lately, so it was a nice reward 😉 *


After lunch, we just wandered.  It was nice to just walk with no agenda and just enjoy the scenery.  It was a beautiful day, but it was a little chilly so unfortunately, we weren’t up for doing some “punting”.  Punting is a very popular tradition in Cambridge.  It reminds me of the gondolas in Venice, but the water is very shallow, so you push yourself along the river by pushing off the bottom of the river with a pole.  Dan promised that when the weather is warmer, we’ll go back and go punting, and he’ll sing to me 🙂


It’s amazing how accessible everything is outside of the city of London.  It’s great that we were able to hop on a train and just go an hour away to a whole other world.  This trip get’s us even more excited for when we do our 3 day English Countryside tour with Dan’s parents when they come visit in a few weeks!

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