Sushi + Johnny Cash

Hiya!  Another week down!  Another beautiful, amazing week in London!  Dan and I are pretty boring during the week with nothing really exciting to report.

We are both very happy to report that we love our  new jobs!   I work in a really cool area, right on the equivalent to New York’s 5th Ave., called Regent’s Street.  There are countless amounts of restaurants, shops, theatres and just about anything you could ever want within a stone’s throw from my office.  It’s so amazing to look out my window and have everything right there.  I still get a smile on my face when I’m walking to my office when I realize where I work. It’s pretty awesome 🙂  And – to make things even better, I love my job!  My colleagues are great and have really taken me in and have been so supportive of this crazy transition.  And of course, they love to poke fun at my “American Girl Ways”! 🙂

And Dan’s really happy with his new assignment as well!  He is on a pretty big client, and there is a lot of work to do, but it’s all new to him and it’s been a great learning experience for him.  He’s also been teaching a lot of trainings which is really cool!  His office is in “the city” which isn’t as cool as where I work (ha!) but it’s a really pretty area.  His office looks out to St. Paul’s Cathedral which is pretty awesome!

So all in all – we’re both really happy!  We couldn’t have asked for anything more!  We’re so blessed to have this opportunity and keep thinking the Lord for bringing this opportunity to us!

Now – on to our weekend!  We kicked the weekend off with a pretty exciting dinner.  As soon as we moved to London, we made a reservation at this place called SushiSamba.  It’s been rated as one of the coolest restaurants in the world and one of the top 10 “Restaurants with a view” in the world! We’ve had this reservation for 2 months!


It was awesome – it’s in the same building where we had a brunch during our first week in London (Duck + Waffle).  The decor is just amazing.  Twinkling lights, Asian vibes, beautiful tables and chairs, plus an amazing outdoor patio with a HUGE orange twinkling tree! I mean – could it get any better?

Oh yes it can! The food!  We started with the SHRIMP TEMPURA which ended up being our favourite.  It was PERFECTLY crispy and the sauce was exploding with flavour.  It was the perfect start!  Then we had the most interesting thing I think either of us have ever eaten…CORAZON DE POLLO which we found out meant chicken heart skewers.  They had the texture of a little sausage and a very smoky flavour.  I didn’t hate them, but the little artery in the heart was a little hard for me to get over.  Let’s just say I only ate a few!  Dan didn’t mind them as much, so he ate a few more than me!  Then we had the sushi!  We had 2 different ones:  TOKYO SKY TREE & TIGER MAKI.  Both were fantastic!  The fish was so fresh and the sauces were so flavourful! It was awesome.  We each had a glass of saki to compliment our meal!

Overall, it was great!  I think it’s  fantastic restaurant and you can’t beat the views. It was SO beautiful seeing all of London lit up at night!  I hope we get the chance to go back!

On Saturday, we laid low most of the day then headed over to a neighbourhood bar/cafe, The Troubador (literally a 2 min. walk from our flat!).  They have a music club in the basement, and it’s been a famous place  for a lot of cool musicians to play (think, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix to name a few).  We’ve been checking the site for what show to attend, and as soon as Dan saw who was playing, we knew we had to go.  The artist was Bill Kirchen – we had never heard of him before, but after reading his bio, we were really excited!  He’s a grammy nominated artist, who performs Western/Folk/Bluegrass original and cover songs.

This was our first time to the Troubador so we were surprised at how small the cafe was.  But we were early, so we were able to score a prime spot!  The dark small room has the cutest little tables with a single vase (beer bottle) with a single rose at each table.  The walls were covered with old vinyl records.  And how awesome is this – RIGHT behind where we were sitting were some Motown records!!!  The cocktail menu was awesome, offering 2-4-1 drinks during the show.

And you guys – the music was AWESOME!  So so so good!

He was amazing.  And his band was amazing.  It was so great.  We absolutely were blown away by the talent and didn’t want the music to end.  (Once I figure out how to add video to these – I’ll add a little clip!) We can’t wait to go to more shows here, it’s such an awesome venue – and it’s even better that it’s SO close to us!

That’s it for now…Until the next post – CHEERS!


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