Lions and Unicorns and Sharks – OH MY!

We kicked the weekend off with a date on Friday night to the theatre to see the new James Bond movie.  We quickly learned that the Bond movies are a HUGE deal over here.  Everyone raves about them!  The theatre we went to was where they held the world premiere just a few days before.  It was the most beautiful movie theatre I’ve ever been to.  We felt like we were going to the opera!  The seats were lush leopard print and the carpet was a beautiful deep purple.  And the screen was huge and the sound was amazing.  It was such a fabulous theatre experience! (Which we were very glad – because tickets were £20/person!)

Saturday was Halloween!  We were invited to a pub crawl with Dan’s group at work.  We received the invite a few weeks ago and the invite read “Fancy dress pub crawl – fancy dress required”.  So Dan and I pondered what we were going to wear – rent a tux and gown? Go cocktail style and wear something we already own? Did we bring anything over that is fancy?

Well…come to find out (luckily early enough) fancy dress = COSTUMES!  Phew!  So much less pressure!  It was so much fun! We even had people stop me and Dan on the streets for photos with us! Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon/evening out as a UNICORN & a SHARK:

Sunday was NFL day in London!  One of the first things we did when we found out that we were moving over here, was buy tickets to the LIONS IN LONDON! So we have been waiting for this for a long time!   American football is not very popular over here, but they get really excited for these few weekends a year in which some of the teams hop the pond for a game.  Pop-up NFL memorabilia shops turn up, American flags are flying and hot dogs are actually easy to find 🙂

Well – you all know how the actual game turned out.  The Lions sucked, I mean it was awful.  Embarrassing.  Well – not so embarrassing.  90% of the people at the game were only there to watch American Football.  They had NO idea of which team to cheer for.  They had NO idea what the rules were.  They were just there to enjoy the show.  (And it was quite the show!) Everyone cheered for any and all plays, with no loyalty to either team.  So even though we were sad – it was totally worth going to.  The atmosphere was phenomenal and I mean WE WATCHED THE LIONS IN LONDON!  How cool is that?!

It was such a great weekend – but exhausting!  We’re resting up this week as we have another BIG adventure ahead of us…

…MOM & DAD GLASER ARE COMING TO VISIT!!! We have loads planed for them and are kicking off their visit with a big road trip through the Cotswolds!  Stay tuned for the next post! 🙂


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