December Updates – Happy Christmas!

I can’t believe that today is just two days before Christmas – and that we hop on a plane to Munich and Innsbruck in just a few short hours!

December in London has been nothing short of a fairy tale.  As they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, Christmas decorations began popping up here immediately after Halloween.  But there has been something different about the feel in the city over the last few weeks – the lights seem brighter, the people seem happier and the city feels more alive.  It’s hard to not walk around with a big smile on your face.

Dan and I have spent the last few weeks filled with Christmas parties, work/client lunches, and reflecting on everything that we are thankful for in our lives…especially this opportunity in London.

As my next post will most likely be very lengthy from our Christmas trip – I’ll keep this one short.  Happy Christmas everyone, and we look forward to having more of our friends and family over to share our new lives with everyone.  Off to Munich & Innsbruck!!!!

Here are some photos from the last few weeks:


London Markets with Stacy

We had a lovely little friend in our garden last weekend!  London is home to so many urban foxes, and it was so fun to have one stuck in our garden!  He was so sweet and beautiful!  After a few hours of trying to build him a ramp to get out, we called animal control and they came and picked him up.  We named in Earl 🙂

Seriously!  How beautiful are these streets!

We hosted our 4th Annual Glaser holiday party!  Definitely on a smaller scale than our usual parties 🙂  but it was still loads of fun.  The theme was “Christmas Cocktails & Cookies” and everyone brought a plate of cookies and a pitcher of a favourite cocktail.


Anddd….this was what my work team made me wear to our Christmas party 🙂  They love that I am American, and all of the lovely little phrases I mess up on 🙂  My team is great – and the party was loads of fun! 

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