Adventuring Prague, Czech Republic

What a great weekend!  We had such a great time “Czech-ing” out Prague with the Ives. This was our first trip together as a foursome – and it will be the first of many.  We coined the hashtag:  #thecorefour.

Prague climbed pretty quickly up on our list of favourite places we’ve visited. Prague wasn’t bombed in WW2, and this resulted in a city full of historical charm.  Every building and corner had it’s own unique allure and overall, the city was so clean and beautiful. The city is relatively small, so it was really easy to walk the whole thing and two days there was a good amount of time as we were able to see and do everything the city had to offer without feeling too rushed.Snapchat-8897864569297838138

We left for Prague after work on Friday and didn’t arrive there until almost midnight.  Even though we barely got any sleep, we were all up and out early to start seeing the city.  Our first stop:  The astronomical clock and the Old Town Hall Tower.  The clock is the 3rd oldest astronomical clock in the world – but it is the oldest one still working!  The clock is on the Old Town Hall Tower, and we were able to climb to the top (well take the elevator) to see some amazing views of the city.  The weather was perfect this morning, so the views were unbelievable.  I love the colours of the buildings and the beautiful red terracotta roofs spanning throughout the city.

We then made our way over to the Charles Bridge.  This is the most beautiful bridge I’ve ever seen.  It’s an all stone bridge that was built in the 14th century! It is lined with statues on both sides.  The archways of the bridge create such a stunning image of the passageway across the water.  It was so easy to just sit there and enjoy the beautiful views in all directions.


image-42a14825a1d97017e4a97bbf5499c52765a036ee9b0dfc8f5fa28737c2e85c08-VAfter strolling across the bridge, we made our way over to the John Lennon Wall.  The wall is covered in John Lennon & Beatles inspirational quotes and lyrics, as well as other general symbols of love and peace.  It’s really beautiful and definitely makes you feel happy as soon as you stumble upon it.  It was fun to watch people spray new artwork.  The wall was a lot smaller than I imagined in my head – but it was really cool to see such a small wall have such a large impact.  We had a lot of fun posing for fun photos.

After a delicious lunch on the river at a really cool boat restaurant, we took a river boat “sightseeing” trip.  This was probably the weirdest ride we’ve ever been on!  Our captain was so odd – and I think he was a legit pirate!  The tour started off in English – but then trailed off into about 3 or 4 other languages and we had no idea what was going on.  Our pirate captain wasn’t the most attentive driver, and on our quick 50 minute tour, we managed to hit another boat and bounce off the canal walls a few times.  The weather was absolutely fantastic, so although it was a very awkward trip, it was so nice to be out in the sun and on the water!

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the city and then hung out on the hotel roof top terrace waiting for dinner.  One of my colleagues from our Prague office recommended a very traditional restaurant for dinner.  Czech cuisine is entirely meat and potatoes – Dan’s favourite!  This restaurant was exactly that – half of the menu was called “Meat is Meat” and it featured about 20 different meat dishes, and the other half was “All things Potatoes” and featured about 20 different ways to have a potato!  The food was SO good, but SO filling!  I’m not used to eating this much heavy food!  And this was the first time we really saw how cheap Prague is.  We had 3 huge main dishes of meat and 4 side dishes of potatoes plus beers and it was equivalent to £40 total!!!!! Crazy cheap!!!

After dinner, we headed off to the Czech Beer Festival!  When deciding where to go on our trip for this weekend, we were debating between Prague and Budapest.  Erin was able to find that this is the annual beer festival in Prague, so it made our choice very simple!  The festival was in a beautiful park on top of a hill overlooking the city.  It was a beautiful climb to the top, and the view were breath-taking.

The festival was SO much fun (and again – so cheap!) We indulged in delicious Czech pils and soaked in the local culture.  Dan and Kent joined the beer pong tournament (team name:  The Core Four)!!! This was by far the most enjoyable part of our trip.  The Core Four took a quick and easy win in the first round, and squeaked by in the second round to make it to the semi-finals.  The room was set up with two playing tables, with two brackets.  As Dan and Kent played on table 1, Erin and I couldn’t stop watching one team in particular on table 2.  The one partner on that team was dressed in quite the leather outfit, and his teammate had one of the best greasy mullet’s I’ve ever seen.  The two of them had the most unique throwing “form” and were so serious in their play.  They were so funny to watch – and their fan base grew quickly – with everyone in the room rooting for them to get to the finals!  As Dan and Kent continued to win, so did this other team – and finally – both of them made it to the final match!!!  Now quite the crowd had formed!  There were people even taking GoPro! videos of the competition.  After a long, intense game of one time sinking a cup then the other, unfortunately, The Core Four was not able to out-play the locals and they ended up taking second place.  I cannot explain how hilarious this match was though.  I wish we had taken better videos of the entire thing, because it was so funny.  Both teams took it SO seriously and the other team’s unique style of play kept all spectators laughing so hard.  In the end, the four of them became local celebrities.  So many people were taking their picture – it was so funny!  Now Dan and Kent can say they are the #2 beer pong players in the Czech Republic! We had so much fun dancing to the live music and enjoying the Czech culture! A night to never forget!




On Sunday, we didn’t make too many plans because the weather was supposed to be pretty bad.  We were going to just see how it was and go from there.  Luckily, the 100% chance of rain dropped to 40% and we ended up with just a few drizzles throughout the morning.  The afternoon turned out to be beautiful!  We took a walk from our hotel up to the Prague Castle.  According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world!!! The interesting part is it’s made up of many interconnected buildings – not just one huge castle.  So although it is mighty impressive, it was still a surprise that it wasn’t one giant castle.  Unfortunately, the castle has been closed for some time for some refurbishment and it finally re-opened on this day, so it was SO busy.  We did a quick walk through the highlights and took some fun photos.  We then went to a lunch place that my colleague recommended for more local cuisine.  This place was interesting as the waiter didn’t really like us, so it was very difficult to order!  He ended up not letting us order from the menu, because “he knew best” and he just brought us out a bunch of random Czech specialities.  Everything ended up being really good and I’m glad we did it this way.

After lunch, we had just a bit of time left, so we wandered around the areas that we hadn’t seen yet and then headed back to the airport!  Prague was so beautiful – I highly recommend going.  It’s so hard to describe how pretty it is, you just need to see it in person! Our first Glaser/Ives Adventure was a smashing success.  Our stomachs hurt from laughing so much.  I can’t wait for many more adventures to come. #corefour


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