Adventure back to Michigan

Last week, Dan and I headed back to Michigan for our first visit back since moving over to London.  It was a whirlwind week as we had so much to fit in over such a short period of time.  There were so many people we wanted to see!  The week completely exhausted us with all of the travel, but it was 100% worth it.  Here’s a little recap:

Day 1, Friday –

We headed over to Grand Rapids to start the #byrninlove wedding party! Tonight we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal dinner took place at Brittany’s grandma’s house on Lake Macatawa. It so was unbelievably gorgeous!  Brittany has such amazing taste – and all of her pinterest-ing paid off!

Day 2, Saturday –

Brittany and Riley’s wedding day!!! The wedding was at Pillar Church in Holland and the reception was at the Amway in Grand Rapids.  Again, unbelievable!  Riley looked so handsome and Brittany looked so beautiful.  We’re so happy for them!


Day 3, Sunday –

We spent the day out on the water (Lake Mac + Lake Michigan) with Dan’s college friend, Brent.  We then headed over to Andy’s (another college friend of Dan’s!) house for a bonfire.  I was so happy that Dan was able to spend time with Andy, as he’ll miss them when they’re visiting London.

Day 4, Monday –

We headed  back to Ann Arbor and spent most of the day running errands and stocking up on our American goods to bring back to the UK.  We spent so much time wandering around Target, REI and Ulta – I can’t believe how big those stores seem after living in the UK!

Day 5, Tuesday –

We drove up to Metro-Detroit to have lunch with some old colleagues.   Dan went to his favourite pizza place, Buddy’s, with Deloitte folk and I spent the afternoon in Birmingham with my old co-workers from Lutz.

Dan and I were also able to sneak in a quick trip to one of our old favourite hang-outs:  Griffin Claw Brewery!


That evening we headed to Ferndale to meet up with my besties.  After just a minute of being back together, we were right back to where we left off.  I miss these girls so much when I’m in London!!!

Day 6 & 7, Wednesday – Thursday –

We drove down to Adrian to spend time with my family.  Grandma, Grandpa, Brandon, Krista and Ari all came to see us.  We were able to go to some of our old favourites like the Spotted Cow (twice) and Sunnyside Cafe.  We miss good Mexican food in London!

Day 8, Friday –

We headed back up to Metro-Detroit to stay at our friend’s Josh & Laura’s.  Their house is just down the street from our old house, so it was fun spending the afternoon exploring our old little village of Franklin.  Not too much has changed, but it did make us miss that adorable little village.  A group of friends came over that evening for a pool party at J&L’s.  Unfortunately, we all failed at taking a group photo – or any photos at all!

Day 9, Saturday –

We drove back down to Dan’s parents house (their house was our base camp for the week!) and had lunch with Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry.


That afternoon/evening we had Nicole and Kris’ wedding at a beautiful lodge in the Dexter area.  This location was so beautiful!  We all felt like we were up north in the woods!  Such a fun wedding and it was our last time with our friends before heading back to London.  Congratulations Nicole and Kris!!!

Day 10, Sunday –

Our last day in the states.  We had an afternoon flight back to London, so we had a nice brunch in downtown Ann Arbor with our families before going to the airport.

We arrived back in London early Monday morning.  We quickly got back to our flat and re-packed Dan up as he had a flight later that afternoon to head to Tokyo, Japan.  I went to work that day (super jet-lagged) and Dan went to Tokyo!

It was such a great week in Michigan.  But I’m glad to be back in London, it is our home now, and we’re so happy here.  Hopefully over the next 1, 2, 3+ years we are over here, more of our family and friends can come visit so they can see why we love it so much.

Now, Dan is in Tokyo and Bangkok for work.  He’s loving it over there so far!  I will leave to join him over there in just a few short weeks, but in the meantime, I have a triathalon relay to complete and Beth + Andy Palkowski are coming to visit!


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