African Safari Adventure [Tanzania]

One of the first things Dan and I decided on when we moved to London was doing a “big” five year wedding anniversary trip.  A safari has been at the top of our wish lists, so we set about planning this last fall.  We had NO idea how to plan such a trip and were so overwhelmed we decided to use a travel agent.  We interviewed a few agents, and instantly had a connection with a woman named Christine from Tribes [see details below].  Over the course of many calls and emails, Christine planned us the perfect trip!

The trip was split into two parts:  first a safari throughout Tanzania then relaxing at the beach in Zanzibar.  The safari was in total 6 nights.  We started in the Tarangire National Park where we stayed for two nights.  We had two full day game drives in the park and even had a mini-drive the morning we made our way out and up to Bashay.  We stayed one night at Bashay Rift Lodge which was just outside of the Nongorogoro Crater.  After a day in the crater, we had a long drive into the Serengeti National Park.  We stayed one night at a mobile tented camp, Ronjo, IN the park, then two nights just outside of the park at Grumeti Hills.  There, we were able to do a walking safari and a night safari.  Each lodge was amazing in it’s own way.

On our last day of safari, we had our last game drive in the morning while making our way to the “airport” to fly over to Zanzibar.  This was hilarious – we drove up to a strip of grass that had a sign for Fort Ikoma Airstrip.  That was it.  No buildings, no pavement, nothing, just a grassy field.  We even had to drive our vehicle down and back in the area a few times to get the zebra and wildebeest off the “runway”!

We could not have asked for a better guide throughout the trip.  Sam was so kind, informative, funny and caring for us.  He made the trip so enjoyable.  It was fun to get to know him and all about his family.

This was a trip of a lifetime.  It was such a memorable experience and I miss it already!  If anyone gets the chance, you must go on a safari once if your lifetime.  The sights, sounds and feelings are incredible and you’ll never forget them.

We managed to take over 3,000 photos…I know it’s a bit ridiculous, but we just got a new camera and were so excited to use it!  It was so hard to capture everything!  So for that reason, I decided to try and capture the trip in a video.  Mind you, I had no idea what I was doing when I created this.  So this is what I came up with!  Enjoy! [Zanzibar post to come soon!]

Link to video –> [needs to be opened in browser – cannot be viewed in email]

Glaser Safari Adventure

*Apologies for the lame music…I wanted to use Mumford  & Sons, but cannot because of copyright’s*

Travel Agent:  Christine MacDougall from Tribes Travel

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