Zanzibar Adventure

Our 5 year anniversary trip continued…

After the most amazing week on Safari, Dan and I hopped on a plane [as seen in our video!] and headed off for 4 relaxing days on the beach in Zanzibar.  Zanzibar is a tiny island off the coast of Tanzania.  It has miles and miles of the most beautiful white sandy beaches and the most beautiful turquoise clear water.

We booked this part of the trip in combination with our safari, so our tour company set us up with our hotel.  And again – they nailed it.  It was the most adorable boutique beach resort!  The British owners were fantastic and took such good care of us.  It didn’t hurt that they also had 2 basset hounds and a great dane that they allow to just wander around the property!  If you couldn’t already guess – that made me quite happy 🙂

We spent our first full day just relaxing on the beach.  It was so nice to soak up the sun and swim in the warm ocean water.  I’m a HUGE water baby – so I was so happy just standing in the warm turquoise water.  I could just stand and float in there for hours!

On our second day, we went on a snorkelling adventure.  Our guide took us out to the reef’s in an amazing local sail boat [Dhow].  Dan and I have been snorkelling a lot before, but we’ve never seen such variety in the waters.  The colours of the fish were stunning – neon blue starfish to sunshine yellow trumpet fish.  The coral was so bright and made in all different shapes and sizes.  Our guide went in the water with us and showed us the things we could touch and told us the names of everything.  It was like a water safari J  It was amazing feeling sea anemone, sea urchin’s, giant clams and all sorts of other unique creatures.

After a full morning of snorkelling, we went over to The Rock restaurant.  It’s a restaurant that is out in the sea.  During low tide [when we went] you can walk out to the restaurant, but during high tide, you have to swim out or take a boat.  The employees go out at low tide in the morning and look for the day’s catch.  It was fun watching everyone out “hunting” in the morning.

That day was our actual 5 year wedding anniversary.  Again – our hotel nailed it with the celebration.  The evening started when the hotel delivered us a complementary bottle of champagne [in the most beautiful ice bucket, filled with fresh flowers] to our room before dinner.  Dinner was fantastic – and then they surprised us with a beautiful, HUGE dark chocolate cake for dessert.  Seriously – the hospitality we had all through Tanzania was above and beyond!

On our third day, we drove over to Stone Town.  It is the main town in Zanzibar.  We spent a half a day exploring all of the streets, picking up souvenirs and the soaking in the local culture.  Zanzibar has an incredible culture.  It is a mixture between African, Indian and Arab culture and is predominately Muslim [I had to cover up when going into town].  One of the first things we notices in Stone Town was the incredibly ornate wooden doors throughout.  They were so beautiful – and each one was different.  We found out later that each door tells a story of the resident.  Depending on the type of studs on the door, would tell you if the family/resident was Swahili, Indian or Arab.  The number of flowers above the door tell you how many families live[ed] there, and the type of pattern on the door typically would denote the trade business the family was in [fisherman, slave trader, hunter, etc.].  I wish we would have known this before, and we would have paid more attention to the doors and would have tried putting stories together!

The remainder of our trip was spent relaxing.  We’re not big on beach vacations, as we like to be really active, but it was nice having a short time to just breathe and catch up on reading.  Zanzibar was heavenly.  It was the perfect end to the perfect vacation.

Hard to believe it was our 5 year anniversary we were celebrating, seems like it was just yesterday that Dan and I started dating at LCS.  Crazy that was actually 12 years ago!  Happy 5 years Dan!  So happy to be on this life adventure with you!



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