Oktoberfest: Munich, Germany

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you’ve probably noticed how often I say “This was a bucket list trip!”  We’ve been so fortunate to be able to cross so many items off our “list” since moving across the pond!  And this past weekend, Oktoberfest in Munich was another cross of the list!

Oktoberfest is unlike any other celebration in the world.  It’s hard to compare the experience.  It’s not quite a festival, it’s not just a big party, it’s a mixture of culture, traditions, fun (and yes lot’s of beer and food)! And it was bigger and better than I had  even dreamed! Prost!

We arrived Saturday morning and immediately made our way over to Theresienwiese, the official Oktoberfest grounds.  Dressed in our liederhosen and dirndl, our group quickly took in the sights, sounds and made a quick decision to soak up the beautiful German sun and enjoy our lunch in a beer garden.  (Side note: I totally fell in love with my dirndl, and wish I could wear it every weekend!) We were super lucky and were able to grab a picnic table immediately.  Our first Oktoberfest stein’s and taste of Bavarian food was perfection.

Photo 23-09-2017, 12 12 45

After lunch, we moseyed around the Oktoberfest grounds to find a spot to enjoy our afternoon.  We learned quickly that once you get a table at a tent or beer garden…you stay there!  The place gets completely packed and it’s not worth giving up your spot because it is unlikely you will find another one.  We were incredibly lucky to find a spot in the Lauenbrau beer garden where we parked ourselves for the afternoon/early evening.

The next day, we decided it would be a wise choice to take a break from the main tents and festivities.  As Dan and I had already been to Munich a few times before, we didn’t have any specific sights to see, so we rented bikes with the Phelps for the day.   The weather was perfect and we biked all through the English Gardens.  We even came across an amazing Hofbrau Haus beer garden in the middle of our bike which was the perfect pit stop.  The boys loved biking down the hills and we all enjoyed watching the surfers in the river.

That evening we went for an early dinner with the whole group at the Original Hofbrau Haus.  It’s a complete tourist trap now, but I still think their food is incredible!  And the building is so beautiful! I think it’s totally worth going to on every trip to Munich!

For Monday, we had a table reservation at Pschorr-Brauosl.  We spent the majority of the day drinking steins, eating the most incredible (and filling) Bavarian food, dancing on tables and singing along to the oompah music.  Not to mention, singing Ein Prosit every 15 minutes…:)  One of the best parts about Oktoberfest is that everyone is your friend.  As soon as you enter, you have hundreds of friends who want to eat, drink, dance and laugh with you.  It was so fun!


20170925_165556 (2)

Unfortunately, it was a quick weekend and that night we all had to fly back to London.  This was a total bucket list success.  We already have so much love for Germany (especially Bavaria), and Oktoberfest made us love it even more! We’d love to go back someday!  Auf Wiedersehen!

Photo 25-09-2017, 16 45 34

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