Dan and I get asked the question all the time, “What is your favourite place you’ve visited?” It’s such a hard question!  Each destination is so unique, it’s impossible to answer the question easily.  So, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite and least favourite cities based on different criteria!

[B] both agree!
[K] Kirsten’s answer
[D] Dan’s answer

Favourite city for history: Rome [B]
Favourite city for culture: Chaing Mai [B]
Favourite city for food: Tokyo [B]
Favourite city for beer: Munich [B]
Favourite city for wine: Paris [B]
Favourite city for relaxing: Santorini [B]
Favourite city for natural beauty: Bali [K], Siem Reap [D]
Favourite city for architecture: Prague [B]
Favourite city for outdoor adventure: Innsbruck [B]
Favourite city for museums: Paris [K], London [D]
Most expensive city: Stockholm [K], Copenhagen [D]
Most affordable city: Bali [K], Chaing Mai [D]
Nicest locals: Siem Reap [K], Chaing Mai[D]
Cleanest city: Tokyo [B]
Dirtiest city: Barcelona [K], Rome [D]
Biggest language barrier: Beijing [B]
Most walkable city [attractions close to each other]: London [K], Prague [D]
Least walkable city [attractions far from each other]: Paris [K], Kyoto/Tokyo [D]
Most boring city [least amount of attractions/things to do]: Brussels [K], Dublin [D]
Most romantic city: Santorini [K], Paris [D]
Most overrated city: Copenhagen [K], Dublin [D]
Most underrated city: Stockholm [K], Innsbruck [D]